1st International Travel Industry Meeting Sarajevo

The City of Sarajevo will host the 1st International Travel Industry Meeting Sarajevo from 28 March to 01 April 2019. More than 200 agencies from more than 100 countries will have their representatives at this event organized by the City of Sarajevo.

It is one of the most important meetings of tourist workers so far, and a great promotion of tourist potentials of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the City of Sarajevo, with participation of some of the most prominent world travel agencies, representatives of airline companies, hoteliers and other business entities associated with tourism industry.


Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina are already experiencing growth in tourism, but our desire is to raise everything to a higher level and to turn the potentials into direct economic benefits. The main idea is to gather tour operators and travel agencies and help local agencies and hoteliers to connect directly with renowned international companies to make new contracts and make the city of Sarajevo even more attractive tourist destination – Mayor of Sarajevo, Abdulah Skaka, said on this occasion.

During a two-day conference, participants from all over the world will be introduced not only with the potentials but also with the current situation and development plans. During 2018, B&H is often included in the various lists of globally most attractive tourist destinations. The World Tourism Organization has listed our country in top 10 destinations with the fastest tourism growth.

Tour operators are meeting in Sarajevo

Sarajevo is opening up to the world in tourism with its natural and historical beauties, also rich history of religious and cultural diversity. From March 28 to April 1, the City of Sarajevo will host the 1st International Travel Industry Meeting. Representatives of more than 200 travel agencies from over 100 countries will attend to this unique gathering, which is one of the most important meetings of this type and a great promotion of tourism potentials.


Abdulah Skaka, the mayor of Sarajevo held a press conference about the organization and said that; “Sarajevo deserves a worldwide tourist promotion. We do not want to wait anymore. It is time to bring the most important tour operators from all over the world to the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, show them our country, our tourist potential and connect them with domestic tourist workers.”


Mayor Skaka also stated the followings: “The City of Sarajevo has enriched the tourist facilities. We have revived Trebević, we are renovating museums and tourist infrastructure. We now have famous hotel chains here. We felt that it was the right time to make this an event that would accelerate tourism growth and help the entire economy. We received support from airlines, tourism workers, hotels, travel agencies and we are working together on this very important project.”


The World Federation of Travel Journalists and Writers (FIJET) is fully supporting the 1st International Travel Industry Meeting in Sarajevo. Turkey is participating to this important organization with a delegation of four people led by Delal Atamdede, President of the FIJET Turkey.

FOR 2018 "Meet Up Sarajevo" (Data of the Tourist Board of Sarajevo Canton)

Number of visitors and overnight stays (share of domestic and foreign guests)


During 2018, Sarajevo visited 573,227 tourists (18.8% growth) and recorded 1,189,159 overnight stays (growth 22.9%).

Foreign tourists recorded an increase in the number of arrivals by 18.1% or 498,885 tourists, increase of number of overnight stays by 22.7% or 1,060,988 overnight stays.

Domestic tourists recorded an increase in the number of arrivals by 24.2% or 74,342 tourists growth of number of overnight stays by 24.8% or 128.171 overnight stays.


Hotel accommodation

Number of accommodation facilities: 350
Total number of rooms is 6.091 (growth 12.4%), while the number of beds is 13.710 higher for 15.9% compared to the previous year
In 2018, a total of 143 new buildings were opened, of which 4 hotels, 2 hotels with 5 * and 2 hotels with 4 *, 2 aparthotels with 4 *, and facilities in the category of other accommodation
During 2018, traffic in hotels dominates, with 515,285 tourists staying in them, 89.9% of the total number of tourists, and 1,021,452 overnight stays or 85.9% of overnight stays


Tourists (classification by countries from which they come)

The highest results in 2018, compared to the previous year, were achieved from the markets of Turkey, Croatia, China, U.A.E., Slovenia, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Serbia, USA and Italy.
The absolute hit in 2018 is China, which is third in number of arrivals and the sixth place by number of overnight stays, with an increase in the number of arrivals of 118.7% and overnight stays by 114.5%.
In the structure of total arrivals of tourists to Sarajevo, 87.0% of arrivals were made by foreign tourists, while the representation of foreign tourists in total nights was 89.2%.
The average length of stay of tourists was 2.1 days.
In 2018, visitors from 167 countries of the world visited Sarajevo.


Background Facts 

According to the forecasts of the Independent Travel Team, BiH could be among the desirable destinations for 2019.
The Discovery Channel has for years banned BiH among the world’s top tourist destinations.
30 museums with settings that speak about the rich history of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the people living there.
National Geographic recognized BiH as the destination of the year in adventure tourism, especially when it comes to mountain biking.
The reputed British Guardian has on several occasions placed our country in the top world tourist destination.
The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has put BiH in the top 10 destinations with the fastest growing number of visits.


… “Meet Up Sarajevo” will provide an opportunity to all local tourist workers to expand business cooperation and thereby increase market share in the tourist industry.

Also, this conference will encourage increasing service levels in the hospitality industry and ensure the promotion of medical, sports and recreational, cultural, ecological, gastronomic and religious tourism.

Meet the People - Feel the Spirit

“Meet Up Sarajevo” will, as expected, present tourism potentials and tourist offer of the City of Sarajevo to the most important tour operators from around the world.

Meetup Sarajevo - Visit Program

Meetup Sarajevo - Visit Program


Thursday, Arrival


Friday, Sarajevo

Departure from Hotel

Departure to Tunnel of Hope, Sarajevo
For more info check:

Return trip with Trebević cable car
For more info check:

Transfer to Bravadžiluk for lunch break

Bravadžiluk, food street

Sarajevo City tour
– Kazandžiluk
– Sebilj
– Baščaršija
– Morića han
– Gazi Husrev Begova džamija (Gazi Husrev-beg Mosque)
– Mjesto atentata Franca Ferdinanda (Franz Ferdinand assassination site)
– Tašlihan I Gazi – Husrev Begov Bezistan (Gazi Husrev Bey’s Bezistan)
– Sarajevo Meeting of Cultures
– Stari Sefardski Hram (The Old Temple)
– Katedrala Srca Isusova (The Cathedral of Jesus’ Sacred Heart)
– Pravoslavna crkva Presvete bogorodice (Orthodox church)
– Tržnica (Market)
– Trg Alije Izetbegovića

Transfer to Hotel

Transfer from Hotel to Vijećnica (City Hall)

Gala Dinner

Transfer from Vijećnica (City Hall) to Hotel


Saturday, Vijećnica (City Hall)

Transfer from Hotel to Vijećnica (City Hall)

Arrival to Vijećnica – Tour of Vijećnica – Welcome ceremony in a museum display of  “Bosnian house”

Welcome speech & video presentation of Sarajevo and its tourist attractions

B2B – Networking in Ceremony Hall

Finger food & refreshments break

Continuation of B2B Networking in Ceremony Hall

Transfer from Vijećnica (City Hall) to Hotel

Transfer from Hotel to Vijećnica (City Hall)

Dinner  (2 options)
 – Sunnyland (Alcohol not served restaurant)
– “Pivnica HS” (Alcohol served restaurant)

Gathering in front of Vijećnica and transfer to Hotel


Sunday, Hercegovina

Departure from the Hotel
– Konjic sightseeing  & visiting  “Old Stone Bridge”  – symbol of Konjic
– Tour of Jablanica & breakfast afterwards

Visiting  Mostar
– “Stari Most” (Old Bridge)
– Bišćevića kuća (Biscevic house)

Transfer to Blagaj

Visiting  Blagaj
– Tour to “Blagajska tekija” (Dervish house)
– Lunch break in Restaurant “Vrelo”

Transfer Blagaj – Počitelj
– Tour of Počitelj

Transfer Počitelj – Sarajevo
– Dinner at “Maksumić” restaurant (Our guests will taste “Janjetina” (roast lamb meat)  – Bosnian speciality

Return to Hotel


Monday, Return of Guests






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